Dossiers: Storm Eaters / Shaela’s Stormers

Storm Eaters / Shaela’s Stormers:

Before the peace-treaty, Shaela’s company was a renowned Crack-Squad. It is a well known fact that Helsian’s were immune to the effects of Lightning, entering in to a state of euphoria when struck. Most of the power from the lightning is wasted however in most Helsians, but there were a fraction amongst them that could absorb the lightnings full-power, these were called Storm Eaters.

Storm Eaters were incredibly dangerous in battle. They carried with them Shock-Charges, that they would use on themselves. Once the power was absorbed their wounds would heal over and  they would enter not just a euphoric state, but a full-on berzerker rage.

The Storm Eaters didn’t have ranks. They listened to the boss, and the boss delegated to another members expertise if they felt it necessary. Ranks only came in to play when the peace-treaty was signed and Xaabosians were ordered to join ranks of existing Storm Eater Squads.

Below you will find the dossiers of Shaela’s Stormers, both past and present:

Shaela's DossierShaela was boss of the Storm Eaters for seven years and another ten as captain for the Stormers. She is the daughter of the Helsian chieftain, but this is not what got her the role of boss. She is a natural leader, inspiring loyalty in those in her company. She leads by example and is incredibly perceptive of both her surroundings and people.

Although Korv believes her dead, he has placed her on the ‘Galactic Wanted List’ just in case.

Vynette DossierVynette, or Wings is the best pilot planet-side of Xaabos. Some call her mad, others say she is incredibly lucky, but most know the truth – She’s just that damn good. Don’t let her slight build fool you, she’ll rip you in two without a seconds hesitation.

Vynette’s escape from the Water-Palace has secured her spot on the ‘Galactic Wanted List’.

Keth DossierKeth Wenlu is small for a Helsian male, even so he is incredibly strong and capable of lifting heavy loads. Weapons designed to be mounted on walls, Keth could carry and fire with no trouble.

His capture at the Water-Palace is a secret. He has been put on the ‘Galactic Wanted List’ as a misdirection.

Orion DossierOrion Zhexx was one the three Xaabosian’s to join the Stormers after the peace-treaty was signed. He became a valuable asset, due to his vast mechanical knowledge and his prowess with explosives.

For the crime of treason (working with a Helsian), he has been added to the ‘Galactic Wanted List’.

Samla Dossier Rene DossierThe Zora siblings joined the Stormers as soon as they got out of boot-camp, earning them the rank ‘Boot’. Their loyalty to Shaela in unbreakable, possibly due to an event that occurred during their childhood. Shaela is training Samla to be an officer, and she will someday lead her own company. Whereas Rene is learning from Orion, he has a knack with machines that even Orion is impressed with.

Like Orion, they have been labelled as traitors and find themselves on the ‘Galactic Wanted List’.

Nova Charo Dossier

Nova Charo was Vynette’s younger sister. Vynette never wanted her to join the Storm Eaters, it was very rare for there to be two within the same generation. She was a little thing, but what she lacked in size she made up for in quickness. She died in a fire-fight, pushing Vynette away from an incoming missile that not even her speed could avoid.

Daxxon DossierDaxxon Kell was the newest member of the Storm Eaters, earning him the nickname ‘Meat’. He was young, and reckless. Jumping in to many fights without scanning his surroundings. This action was effective for a time, but eventually he was commanded to reign it in. He was caught out in the open during a Xaabosian air-raid ignoring those orders.

Ymnir DossierYmnir Altan was Shaela’s mate. He was being groomed to be the next chieftain, and Shaela was to be his wife when that day came. During these times, Shaela wore her braid on her right shoulder to symbolize her betrothal. While still growing in to his Helsian body, his build was impressive for such a young age. Unfortunately, Ymnir died in a structural fire, rescuing Xaabosian children from a boarding school in Red Gentos. The building collapsed in on him as he tossed out the last two children. These two children were Samla and Rene Zora.

*   *   *

Since being absorbed in to the Xaabosian military, the Storm Eaters have performed exemplary. They changed their name to Stormers, and each group adopted their captain’s name as the prefix to their company. Shaela’s Stormers were one of the most successful, she was a gifted commander, and she led by loyalty. Even the Xaabosian’s amongst her company respected her, if not loved her.

Since Emperor Korv’s accession to the throne. All Stormer companies have been disbanded. Those that were in the capital were captured and executed, Xaabosian soldiers included. Shaela’s Stormers are one of the few groups still in-tact, with only one of their current members M.I.A.


5 thoughts on “Dossiers: Storm Eaters / Shaela’s Stormers”

  1. Ymnir ❤ He was really the right one for Shaela and she'd have been disappointed if he didn't save the Zora siblings, I guess even if it had meant not losing him. But she's a woman with high moral standards and maybe this thought and the siblings' loyalty comfort her a bit? 🙂

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    1. Yeah, she would’ve never forgiven Ymnir or herself if they’d let those kids die, she kind of ended up being like an older sister to the Zora siblings and although seeing them reminds her of that loss, it also gives her purpose to move on.


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