Customs: The Bond

The Bond:

I know, it’s an incredibly original name but hey, I’m not the one that chose it – that honour belongs to a Xaabosian scholar centuries dead. What is it you may wonder? Well it’s a bond, plain and simple. Oh, you want me to elaborate? Very well.

Upon their 118th birthday a member of the immediate royal family must chose someone to become their bond. Why is it done so late in their life? Well 118 is seen as an age where the child becomes the adult. Before then, the child would be constantly monitored and protected by a special force known as Shadows. This gives the child freedom, to go do anything the wish – knowing that if there was an incident, the Shadows would emerge from hiding and end the situation swiftly and ruthlessly.

This chosen person will become their protector, a better name if you ask me but Xaabosian’s are fans of pomp and ceremony so I guess “Bond” serves better in that purpose.

Once chosen, this person is elevated in standing amongst the Xaabosian hierarchy. If a citizen is chosen, they would be elevated to minor noble. A minor noble would be elevated to noble, a noble to high nobility and high nobility would be elevated to a member of the Imperial family, and in-line for the throne.

As you can imagine, it is rare for high nobility to be chosen but it is not unheard of. They would be perhaps the 6th or 7th in-line for the throne at the time of their choosing, and over the years as direct descendants have children, they would slide even further down.

Korv, although he is a Royal Cousin he is fact only High Nobility and is not in line for the throne. Eligibility follows the current rulers gender – and as he was the child of the Emperor’s sister, he was stuck being referred to as ‘Royal Cousin’ or ‘Royal Nephew’.

After their elevation, they will be sealed away with their bond for two years. Over this time they will go through a procedure that will create a neural-link between the two peoples minds. When they leave that sealed room they will be able to speak telepathically, sense distress – even if at a distance from their bond, and know the whereabouts of each other just by thinking.


10 thoughts on “Customs: The Bond”

  1. I’m so glad that you explained this and I like how you detailed this story is with the races and customs. Now that you described it Shaela was the perfect person as the Princesses bond. If you ask me they already have it so it only makes sense that it become official.

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