Character Motivations: Korv’s Hatred

Korv’s Hatred:

Why does Korv hate Shaela so much? He has his reasons, although they are incredibly misguided.

During the “Unification Wars” Korv and his family lived at Red Gentos, a city that overlooked the Molten Sea atop obsidian cliffs. It was there that Korv saw his first Helsian, and it was during a raid that levelled the city – killing most citizens including his parents, his sister and his best friend.

It was at the peace treaty that he saw this Helsian again, as part of the terms the first-born of each ruler was to be turned over as a ward – to ensure peaceful interactions. Shaela was this first-born child, and the Helsian that led the raid against Red Gentos was her father, the Helsian Chieftain.

That is the first reason that Korv hates Shaela, and Helsian’s in general if truth be told. But that is not the only reason. You may have noticed the prosthetic arm that he has, that is courtesy of Shaela herself.

The met in the final of a tourney where Korv was intent on killing her, he didn’t account for Shaela using her own arm to stop his sword – causing it to shatter against her steel-hard bones. Shaela was young and reckless back then and lashed out before she thought and that is the 2nd reason that Korv hates Shaela.

The 3rd and final reason, is that since that day he swore that he would become her better. He challenged her to duels, sparring games, fist-fights, anything he could think of – yet in everything he tried she always left him lying on the ground, dazed and bloody.

To some, these reasons may sound justified, many Xaabosian’s feel the same way about Helsian’s. But you need to remember that at that time his people were at war with the Helsian’s. The Xaabosian’s were not looking to bring them in to the empire, only to seize the Sky-shard mines for themselves and enslave the populous. The Helsian’s were only acting to survive.

One other thing you must consider is that Shaela is not her father, so must not be condemned for his supposed crimes – as terrible as they may have been from a Xaabosian point of view.

One can only hope that Korv will put this hatred behind him as it is consuming him. But I fear that this will never happen.


4 thoughts on “Character Motivations: Korv’s Hatred”

  1. I can understand why Korv holds all this hate inside of him but there was a war going on and I am sure there were causalities on both sides. He should realize that the peace treaty is best for all which will end all the loss of life. Obviously he is taking it personal instead of looking out for what is best for his people and the world. His actions by killing the emperor are for his purpose only. A woman threatened his man hood and now he needs to show the world that he is better than her.

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