XIN (Planetary A.I.)

Xaabos Information Nexus

Hello, my name is XIN – you would likely pronounce this as Zin, but I am also called Nex at times. I am the central intelligence database of the planet Xaabos.

It feels strange talking about myself, is this what it feels like to write your own auto-biography? I apologize, I have digressed from my purpose. The purpose being to provide you with pertinent information about the planet Xaabos including but not limited to historical information, planetary races, flora and fauna, geography, dossiers, and… Oh my, it seems that I have prattled on more than enough – I find myself exceedingly embarrassed.

As you can see, I am not gender specific. I adapt to the role that is required of me at the time. I can be everywhere at once, but I can be discreet if I am required to. Each citizen is allowed a partition where they can store their secrets, but generally I am a global and public service.

Should you require my services, you only need to ask. You can find a range of commonly searched topics here


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