Race: Xaabosian

Xaabosian Race:

The dominant race on the planet Xaabos and many outlying planets within the galaxy. They are a diverse people in appearance, coming in all different colours, shapes and sizes – as they are an amalgamation of three distinct ancient races.

Your world would call two of these races human, but on Xaabos (called Sabos at the time these races were separate) these were called Jandhu and Kalleria. Jandhites were generally darker in colour, living in hotter climes than the Kallerian’s. Once magical races, both of them – yet over the years as science advanced they forgot their magic.

The third race I believe your world would call them elves, yet these “elves” differ from your stereotypical ones you may have read about or seen in media. Where you would hear elf and think woodlands creature, these ones were seafarers. Raiders, pirates, marauders called Fog-Runners.

Fog-Runners were smaller than the human races, both in height and build. They preferred short-hair as longer hair was a hindrance on a ship, giving an opponent something to grab on to when they needed to fight. They generally had light skin-tones but were often sun-darkened due to the amount of time spent out at sea.

They were in fact superstitious about forests, and avoided them at all costs. If their captain was to ask for wood to repair their ship the Fog-Runners would skirt the outside of the wood first, searching for fallen trees before venturing deeper in to the woods.

Modern day Xaabosian’s have adopted more of the looks of the Fog-Runner race, as their genes appear to be the more dominant ones. So over the years this race has grown shorter, developed pointed ears and benefit from a longer life-span. Round eared Xaabosian’s are still possible, but they are very rare.

It is possible that there are still some that have the use of magic amongst this race, unlikely but possible.


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