Race: San’Dreki

San’Dreki Race:

XIN here once more, providing you with yet another dose of vital information.

What possesses a man or woman to turn themselves in to a machine? That is precisely what the San’Dreki do. There are very few San’Dreki that live on Xaabos, but they thrive in great numbers upon the planets second moon (Auriuth).

They are obsessed with cybernetic augmentation. The majority of their implants are subcutaneous, but the few that you may see externally are facial implants such as cyber-optics, prosthetic arms, or tail plating.

Although the horns look to be the most dangerous part of a San’Dreki, it is in-fact their tail which holds that claim. It is thick, hard, muscular and sharp at the end, and all San’Dreki are capable of using it as a deadly weapon. If that wasn’t enough, San’Dreki have such precision control over their tail that they are able to move it in a fluid way that is hypnotizing to anyone that is foolish enough to look at it.

They are exceptionally agile, and refuse to use any form of melee weaponry, preferring to trust in their own natural weapons. To compliment their horns and tail, they have adopted a martial art form which can enhance the hypnotic quality of their tails.

San’Dreki dancers of both genders are popular amongst the galaxy, utilizing their agile bodies and tail to provide sensual and hypnotic entertainment. It is common for a dancer to lash out with it’s tail during it’s show, but this is all expected and wanted – it is said that if blood isn’t drawn then the show wasn’t any good. Besides, it’s usually just flesh wounds.

You can find San’Dreki in almost any skin colour, the augmentations that they apply stains the skin, each manufacturer claiming a certain colour as their trademark.


3 thoughts on “Race: San’Dreki”

    1. They were fun to create and was totally by accident! On a whim, I decided I needed a steward for the Water Palace, and created Alfran… Then the ol’ grey matter went into overdrive and San’Dreki were born! 😀


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