Race: Modern Day Fog-Runners

Modern Day Fog-Runners (Nebula-Runners):

There were those amongst the Fog-Runner race that believed that life under Xaabosian rule was a mistake. That it was beneath them, and that alone they could accomplish anything, including overthrowing the Xaabosian Empire.

They felt that those of them that accepted that kind of life were traitors, and they felt very bitter about that betrayal. There was no life for them left on Xaabos, it was assimilate in to the empire or die. Together they may have had enough power to challenge the Emperor, but alone they did not – and this was a hard pill to swallow.

As ancient Fog-Runners were sea-farer’s, it was only fitting that these separatist Fog-Runners went to the stars. They embraced their past, and became raiders, smugglers, mercenaries. They took on the name Nebula-Runners as a nod to their past, however this name is often shortened to “Neb” by other races within the galaxy.

They are recognised as the best shipbuilders (both large and small),pilots, and star-fighters within the known galaxy specializing in a swift but brutal hit-and-run tactic. They’re also known to be about as trustworthy as a dog in front of food, credits are all they care about now and a knife in the back is just one counteroffer away.


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