Race: Helsian


A relatively young race when compared to other species within the galaxy, their people only becoming a recognised race a few short millennia ago. They have quickly become a lynchpin in the Imperial Military. Although many citizens still think poorly of them, having lost a number of family members to them during the “Unification Wars”.

The creation of their race was a mistake, once the same as ancient Xaabosian’s. The monarch of that time passed a law that a crimes sentence could be served over more than a single generation. Those that got this type of sentence were sent off to the Sky-shard Iron mines to work.

The dust that was created as a by-product to the mining process was toxic, and many prisoners perished to this agonizing illness. Those that survived however, had children and they became stronger – more resilient to the dust. Over a millennia of servitude, their skin turned grey, their eyes took on the appearance of gemstones, and the dust they inhaled fused with the calcium in their bones, creating  a fusion of metallic compounds and bone that was as strong as steel.

They are an immortal race, and they still live in those mines of Sky-shard Iron, except now they call it home and have a monopoly on the Sky-Shard trade. The woman are generally tall and lithe – averaging 7 ft tall and around 300 – 400 pounds (135 – 180kg). Whereas the men are heavily muscled and even taller than the woman – averaging 10 ft tall and around 550 – 600 pounds (250 – 270kg) when fully mature. Before maturity, a common height for a Helsian male is between 8 – 9 ft tall and under 450 pounds (205kg)

The men have a condition where as they age, they continue to grow. Ancient males would eventually have to leave the mines as they grew too big, doing so would expose their bodies to the elements and lightning would strike their bodies, attracted to their metallic bones. Lightning is power to Helsians – they are immune to its destructive force, instead entering in to a state of euphoria as the energy courses through their veins (similar to a shot of adrenaline) – yet too much power can break the mind and those that cannot handle the barrage of energy flowing through their bodies become husks of their former selves, driven mad.

These men were called Titans by the ancient Xaabosians, unaware at that time that these monsters were in fact Helsians. It took this knowledge, discovered only a decade ago to bring the Helsians in to the empire. A serum (taken daily) that halted the growth of the males the winner of the six-hundred year war.

Some men forgo this serum, entering the military and joining a company known as “Titan Squad”. But this is usually done as some form of penance or due to the loss of a loved one.

There is still much to learn about this reclusive species. But now that they are part of the empire, one can hope that information would become available soon.


4 thoughts on “Race: Helsian”

  1. Interesting way to provide us with some background of the species! It was sort of like reading a case study, which brought an element of realism to it. Very much enjoyed!

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