Fauna: Rockfiend


There is something special about those fiery waters that fill the molten sea. Less viscous than regular lava, they behave like regular water – waves crashing against the obsidian shores, it is actually quite beautiful if you can forget about that blasted heat and the bloody Rockfiends.

Rockfiends are one of the only denizens of this place, and most definitely the largest. Although not all of them are large, they come in all shapes and sizes, some have even been reported to take on a Xaabosian form bathed in fire but most are large, colossal beasts of rock and fire.

They are highly aggressive but have a keen sense for danger, they will threaten and posture if they believe the intruder is a match for them, but rarely will they attack. It is the young ones, those newly formed that you must watch out for if you find yourself traipsing through the burnt shores of the Molten Sea. They will generally attack anything that walks, and sometimes things that don’t walk. They can be evaded fairly easily though if you do not wish a fight, as the young ones are slow, unsteady in their new form.

They are solitary beasts, it is incredibly rare to see more than a single Rockfiend at a time, but it is rumoured that there is a fire spring, deep within the Molten Sea that Rockfiends go to gather. As far as we can tell they don’t have separate genders – the fires of the Molten Sea creates them we believe – so this gathering is not for mating purposes. No one knows for sure what actually occurs there, if this place even exists, for none who have gone searching for it have returned.


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